TecVision Performance Screen Technology: projected image quality

With Ambient Light Rejection (ALR), turn on the projector without turning off the lights.

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In the past, having a projection screen at home required a dedicated home theater space with no windows, or light-blocking shades. Today, projection at home is utilized in more types of spaces—even living rooms or multipurpose rooms. In those spaces it's not always ideal to use your screen with all the lights turned off and shades lowered just to get a good picture.

Draper created TecVision Performance Screen Technology to provide the combination of features that is perfectly tuned for your projection environment. Select the TecVision surface that provides the amount of Gain and Ambient Light Reflection that you need, and rest assured that it will provide consistently highest image quality.

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Certified color accurate.

All TecVision surfaces are ISF Certified for optical color accuracy and fidelity by the Imaging Science Foundation. No other line of viewing surfaces in the AV industry can make this claim.

Ambient Light Rejection (ALR screens).

TecVision surfaces include several Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) options which are optimized to reduce the impact of environmental light and maintain image contrast in lighted rooms, with light-absorbing dark backing which prevents picture degradation from light behind the screen.

Pristine image quality.

All TecVision surfaces are engineered for high contrast, precise resolution, and the broadest possible viewing cone. And with superior image quality, consistency, and uniformity, TecVision surfaces are 8K ready (4K ready for perforated acoustically transparent surfaces).

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