Outdoor Living Solutions

Bring indoor comfort to your outdoor spaces.

Draper outdoor roller shades provide protection from sun, rain, and insects. Create elegant areas for entertaining, or relaxing niches on decks and outdoor rooms. Shades can be lowered to provide protected areas for relaxing, dining, and entertaining.

No need for costly renovations—you can add outdoor shades to existing covered patios, garages, or pergolas to help keep your spaces comfortable and inviting year-round. Outdoor shades with side channels keep out rain, reduce noise, and control climate and glare. With outdoor heaters or fans, you can use your protected outdoor spaces all year.

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Use outdoor spaces year-round.

This outdoor dining area enclosed by FlexShade ZIP shades (no glass windows) maintains a comfortable temperature even in cold weather, with shades down and patio heaters on.

Save on cooling costs.

Install outdoor shades on your home's windows to control the indoor temperature and save on climate control costs. In summer, outdoor shades can reduce the temperature of an indoor space by as much as 20 degrees, and can cut 74% of solar heat while still maximizing natural daylight.

Protect from pests.

When fully extended, insect resistant fabrics and FlexShade ZIP provide a barrier that can help keep out unwanted insects, increasing your comfort and enjoyment in your outdoor spaces.

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